A little off center

“Mr. Gerlach what is it that you do exactly?”

“Good question Nigel. I got my Associate in bad cover bands and 3.2 beer 1988, Bachelors in narcotic use and dance club abuse in 1991, my Masters in bad relationships and fashion mistakes in 1996 and my Doctorate in still looking good and saving your ass in 2005.”

Former Addict, now going to school for Drug and Alcohol counseling, comic book aficionado spreading the word through radio and live talks at libraries. Bourbon drinking, sports fan, cigar smoker, loud and opinionated, father, husband, ex-con, ex junkie.

Artist, singer, reader, gardener, Cook all from home where I am 3 years into my battle with debilitating Graves disease. The disease ain't winning; it's just ahead on points.

More than anything though, I am just me and after 44 years realize that is more than enough.

So if you are reading this...reintroduce yourself to me